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Welcome to your planet

With an Enjoy TEFL 120 hour Online Course you can start to teach, travel and discover what it's like to work and live in a new country and culture. By living abroad you will gain a new perspective of your planet, which is an amazing opportunity.

There are currently 1.5 billion people in the world learning English and in Asia English Teachers are in great demand. As ASEAN countries grow their demand for excellent TEFL teachers is massive and the Enjoy TEFL experts can help you find your perfect job.

Where would you like to go?

You Choose. No Teaching Experience Required.

Once you’re TEFL qualified with us, just choose a place you have always wanted to travel to and apply for a job. In many places, a degree and teaching experience is often not required. The Enjoy TEFL Recruitment Experts, along with our partners, can help you with the following destinations:

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Teach English in South Korea
Teach in Korea
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Experience Thailand with SINE
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Teach Online with English Town.
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Teach English in China
Teach in China

Where can your Enjoy TEFL Certificate take you?

Once you have completed your Enjoy TEFL Advanced Online 120 Hour Course you will quickly find that many different countries become available to live and work in, from Thailand to South America. Employers are looking for people who have completed a 120-hour TEFL Course and who are passionate about teaching.

With the Enjoy TEFL course you have the advantage of having the skills of an excellent teacher and you don’t need any previous experience. There are also many places where you don’t need a degree.

Who can TEFL Teach?

Teaching is an excellent experience for anyone at any age whether it's short term or as a career.
Gap Year

Once a person has finished school and before they embark on a career or go to University, teaching and travelling is a wonderful way to broaden life skills. Teaching offers people a chance to build new perspectives about new cultures, which is vital in our global world.

Life Changers

Many people have reached a crossroads in their lives and are looking for a career break or just a change because they never had the time to see the world because of family or work commitments. Enjoy TEFL feels positive that TEFL teaching in a new country offers a lifetime of fantastic memories and experiences.

Post University

After studying at University for a few years many feel the wanderlust for discovering their planet. Many see teaching as a way to boost their skill set for future jobs or many decide to pursue Teaching as a career as they feel comfortable in countries and culture outside their own. Many people have also found it difficult to find employment in their field of study and see TEFL Teaching as a great way to find a well-paid job and travel. Often this lifestyle becomes more permanent as individuals discover the benefits of teaching.

Retired Individuals

Retirement is a time to start new projects and new adventures. The Enjoy TEFL Team can help you experience something you always wanted to do but just never thought you could do it. Enjoy TEFL can help you start your adventure.