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About the Course

Our key aim for this course is: To inspire you to offer sustainable competitive advantage in your startup

Competitive advantage is your lasting ability to outperform all competition who are offering a similar product or service to what you intend to/will offer. This is done by implementing value-added strategies, not simultaneously being implemented by any current competitor. Your value-added strategies could include:

  •   The extensive knowledge and abilities of you and your team (if you have one). This is the greatest source of competitive advantage.
  •   A unique product or service. This uniqueness can be achieved by a specific enhancement.
  •   Offering a similar product/service that your competitors offer but they cannot match the value for money you offer: higher quality at a more competitive price.
  •   High quality customer service that competitors can’t match. This is customer service that adheres every second of the day and night to the adage: The customer is King/Queen. This can be achieved by building a company culture where everyone is inspired to serve the customers to the utmost.
  •   A company culture where everyone is inspired and motivated to innovate, and change swiftly and seamlessly, for the benefit of the customers.
  •   Superb processes and technology that result in a product being produced faster, cheaper and better, or a service being delivered faster, cheaper and better.

Career Development

Starting your Own Business can be the most satisfying achievement on an individual’s life as they see their ideas become reality. Starting your own business offers you the change to set your own salary!

Course Review

Starting your Own Business is an essential toolkit for anyone with an idea they’d like to implement. It clearly outlines some of the most important areas to consider balanced, with a healthy pursuit of risk and reward.

Course Outline


Welcome to Enjoy Online Courses and our course on Start Your Own Business.

Critical learning factors underpinning this high quality accredited course

  • Cognitive Processes
  • Metacognitive Processes
  • Mindfulness

Module 1: Key Reflections on Business Startups

  • Module Objective
  • First things first: self-analysis
  • To ensure you succeed, be aware of how you can fail
  • Ten common reasons for business failure
  • Owners’ mistakes
  • Poor research and planning
  • Not building their Essential Toolkit for Success before starting up
  • Lack of financial acumen and financial planning
  • Not bringing in an accountant, financial adviser, business adviser, mentor and supporters from the beginning
  • Reaching for the sky? No
  • Taking the eye of the ball: not focussing on profit at all times
  • Disregarding the competition
  • Hiring the wrong people
  • Poor controls

Module 2: Your Essential Toolkit for Success

  • Module Objective
  • Essential Financial Skills and Attributes
  • Know and understand key business terminology
  • Know how to carry out an effective strategic analysis of your situation
  • Know how to write an effective business plan
  • Know, understand and apply benchmarking
  • Understand and use strategies to improve profit
  • Understand the need to prioritise your strategies
  • Understand and utilise the Pareto Principle
  • Essential Non-Financial Skills and Attributes
  • Change your mindset
  • Create your business vision, identify values that will underpin it, and define your goals
  • You must always take a wider perspective/see the bigger picture
  • Become Mindful
  • Nurture resilience
  • Become reflective
  • Be realistic
  • Be resonant
  • Network and network and network
  • Enhance your management skills
  • Ensure you communicate effectively – at all times
  • Be empathic/empathetic at all times
  • Market and sell your product/service

Module 3: Your SWOT Analysis

  • Module objective
  • Part 1 of your SWOT analysis
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • Part 2 of your SWOT analysis
  • Evaluation and Action

Module 4: Your Business Plan

  • Module Objective
  • Constructing your business plan
  • Executive summary
  • The business opportunity
  • Markets and competitors in these markets
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Management and personnel
  • Operations
  • Financial forecasts
  • Risk assessment and intended strategies
  • Your financial requirements
  • Appendices
  • Presenting your plan

Module 5: 25 Top Tips for Success

  • Module Objective
  • 25 Top Tips for Success

End of Course Assessment

  • Take the End of Course Assessment and get rewarded with your Accredited Certificate

Conclusion and Personal Development Plan

  • Constantly develop yourself
  • Enjoy Online Courses
  • My Five-Point Personal Development Plan

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