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About the Course

Since 2015, several thousands of Excel 2016 learners have taken our course. We have been applauded by them for our simple course learning process. We have no doubt that you will be as successful in your learning as all your peers have been.

Our process prevents your flow of learning from being interrupted.

Other Providers take you on a journey of hundreds of little steps of learning in isolation. It’s only at the end of these steps that you see where you have arrived.

It’s difficult to truly visualise where you are heading throughout all of this time.

Our approach is much different. We will show you your goal (the completed Example Worksheet) upfront, so that at all times you will know and understand where you are heading.

Career Development

The demand for employees who have digital skills like Microsoft Excel 2016 is extremely high and growing fast. Microsoft Excel is one of the most used business software programs in the marketplace. Once you have mastered Excel you can earn up to $80k per year. Excel Wizardry will command an even higher salary. Some of the career choices include: Investment Banking Analyst, Management Consultant, Marketing and Business Intelligence Analyst. Become an Excel Guru with Enjoy Online Courses.

Course Review

The Excel 2016 Course from Enjoy Online Courses is an outstanding way to learn this essential business software. Their approach allows the learner to easily visualise and realise their learning goals. Highly recommended!

Course Outline


Welcome to Enjoy Online Courses and our course on Excel.

Critical learning factors underpinning this high quality accredited course

  • Cognitive Processes
  • Metacognitive Processes
  • Mindfulness

Module 1: Excel 2016 Key Reflections

  • Module Objective
  • What Excel is
  • Myriad uses
  • How does it work? What does it look like?
  • Course learning process

Module 2: Familiarisation and Getting Ready to Achieve Your Learning Goal

  • Module Objective
  • Blank Excel 2016 worksheet with highlights
  • The scenario
  • Your first completed Excel 2016 worksheet
  • Key observations

Module 3: Creating Your First Excel 2016 Workbook and Worksheet

  • Module Objective
  • Opening your first blank workbook and saving it
  • Adding data
  • Applying Excel formulas via AutoSum
  • Formulas
  • Making your very first formula
  • Learning Styles and charts

Module 4: Editing Your Worksheets

  • Module Objective
  • Deleting data
  • Changing a typo
  • Editing numbers in a column
  • Formatting text and cells to suit the style you want
  • Copying and moving data
  • Making a worksheet more visible
  • Hiding (and unhiding) one or more rows or columns
  • Sorting Text
  • True story

End of Course Assessment

  • Take the End of Course Assessment and get rewarded with your Accredited Certificate

Conclusion and Personal Development Plan

  • Constantly develop yourself
  • Enjoy Online Courses
  • My Five-Point Personal Development Plan

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