Effective Leadership

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20 Hours


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About the Course

Firstly, who is this Leadership course aimed at?

This Leadership Course is aimed at:

  •   All those who wish to enhance their personal and/or professional development
  •   All those who are aiming for a leadership post in the future
  •   All those who are already in leadership posts but are not too sure of their footing
  •   All those who believe quite rightly that leadership skills are a necessary element in everyone, whether the person is in a leadership post, labelled as a leadership post, or not
  •   All those who are employed, self-employed, or working voluntarily in a ‘real’ not-for-profit organisation where no-one is paid

Career Development

Leadership arises in all parts of an organisation. This includes team leader roles, small business leaders and leaders of larger organisations, both in the profit and non-profit sectors of industry. Salary expectations can be up to $100k ++. Leaders in the 21st Century need to understand themselves and understand their employees and actively mentor and encourage their future stars.

Course Review

The Effective Leadership Course from Enjoy Online Courses not only offers valuable insight into the future of leadership but more importantly it shows you how important it is to understand your employees and help them stimulate ideas and intellectual curiosity. Highly recommended!

Course Outline


Welcome to Enjoy Online Courses and our course on Effective Leadership.

Critical learning factors underpinning this high quality accredited course

  • Cognitive Processes
  • Metacognitive Processes
  • Mindfulness

Module 1: Key reflections on Effective Leadership

  • Module Objective
  • Key reflections on leadership Management
  • Leadership
  • Why should you learn about leadership?
  • Putting Leaders and Leadership in context, for this session
  • Models of leadership
    • Transformational Leadership
    • Distributive Leadership
  • Take care with suppositions and surveys about leadership
  • Is there such a thing as a flat organisation?
  • Leading your team
  • Handling followers
  • Developing yourself as a leader
  • You’ll do it your way
  • Your ability to deliver results

Module 2: Planning for Effective Leadership

  • Module Objective
  • Planning ahead to get it right first time
  • The flaws to avoid
  • Lack of resilience
  • Poor reflective practice
  • Lack of realism
  • Lack of resonance
  • Hierarchical structures
  • Emphasising the short-term, bottom-line priorities over how things are done
  • Individualism
  • What diversity?
  • Let’s go – anywhere
  • Old mindsets rule. OK?
  • Failing to listen
  • Side-stepping the need to grow
  • Like me, please
  • Inability to be decisive
  • Varying values
  • It’s not about YOU
  • Trust
  • Prophets of doom
  • Lack of generosity
  • What development?

Module 3: What makes an Effective Leader? Part 1: Build A Firm Foundation

  • Module Objective
  • The 4Rs for a Firm Foundation
  • 1. Resilience
  • Key reflections on resilience
  • How can you build your resilience?
  • Mindfulness: Become Mindful
  • Look after yourself
  • Network and network and network
  • Nurture your awareness
  • Not putting it off and off and off and…
  • The dreaded need for certainty
  • Change is an integral part of life
  • Build your mantra
  • Be optimistic
  • Some skills are more important than others
  • 2. Reflection
  • 3. Realism
  • The facts about realism
  • 4. Resonance
  • Further thoughts on leadership models

Module 4: What makes YOU a good leader? Part 2: Putting the bricks in place

  • Module Objective
  • You know what ‘leadership’ means
  • You encourage the creation of a vision the team wants to be part of
  • You always take a wider perspective/see the bigger picture
  • You anticipate and provide for future needs
  • You are self-aware at all times
  • You are aware of the need to continuously self-assess and develop
  • You are a champion of learning and capability development
  • You understand others
  • You understand motivation

Module 5: What makes YOU a good leader? Part 3: Putting the final bricks in place

  • You understand underlying emotions/patterns of behaviour
  • You know what ‘teamwork’ really means
  • You know how to heighten performance in others
  • You understand how the business arena fits together and you build relationships and networks of influence beyond the team
  • You know that discussion and feedback are an integral part of the working relationship
  • You know how to evaluate information and make evidence-based decisions
  • You have commercial awareness
  • You think outside the box
  • You excel in communication
    • Listening and observing
    • Speaking
    • You are fully aware of the key characteristics of good spoken communication

End of Course Assessment

  • Take the End of Course Assessment and get rewarded with your Accredited Certificate

Conclusion and Personal Development Plan

  • Constantly develop yourself
  • Enjoy Online Courses
  • My Five-Point Personal Development Plan

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