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Mindfulness helps smooth out the UPS AND DOWNS OF DAILY LIFE. It can be used as an antidote to stress, and also to improve focus, learning and performance as well as improve relationships and increase creativity.


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Anyone can learn Mindfulness

Many of us often feel overloaded, or like we are on autopilot during the day, but by using Mindfulness, you will train yourself to focus your attention, using meditation techniques, to create awareness. This awareness will give your mind space and allow you to make wiser, more rational choices instead of emotionally reactive ones.

Mindfulness is best learnt through practicing meditation and understanding the science of the brain.

Mindfulness is a meditative, scientific and philosophical way of interacting with our world. There is scientific evidence, which states that Mindfulness can help change the Neuroplasticity of the brain in very positive ways.

Health, Performance and Relationship Benefits

Brain Research shows that Mindfulness practice can improve Health, Performance and Relationships. We will discuss the positive benefits of Mindfulness throughout the courses, and also give you some of the scientific research behind Mindfulness, which we think will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Benefits of Mindfulness to Individuals

  • Improve Well Being
  • Increase Focus
  • Improve Sleep
  • Improve Relationships
  • Feel Good
  • Feel Happy
  • Decrease Stress
  • Decrease Worry
  • Become more Creative
  • Increase Awareness
  • Improve Resilience
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Improve Leadership skills
  • Decrease Rumination

Mindfulness Changes the Brain

Neuroplasticity has been one of the most interesting scientific discoveries in recent years, showing us that the brain is plastic and its function and structure can be changed. Regular Mindfulness practice, and the experience that comes with it, re-wires and strengthens the connections in the brain. By doing a daily practice, a person can strengthen the neural pathways to the prefrontal cortex, get past the emotionally reactive center, the Amygdala, and increase awareness and executive function. These changes in the neuroplasticity of the brain allows a person to, see old habits in a new light, creates more adaptive responses and faster recovery from negative situations.

The Benefits of Mindfulness to Children

  • Improves Learning
  • Improves Performance
  • Improves Focus
  • Reduces Test Anxiety
  • Improves Reflection
  • Improves Deep Learning
  • Happier Child
  • Happier Relationships
  • Prioritizes Information
  • Improves Kindness
  • Increases Executive function
  • Improves Impulse Control
  • Increases Compassion
  • Increases Patience
  • Increases Attention Span
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Clarity, Calmness and Compassion:

Mindfulness will allow you to see things, with more clarity, be calmer and understand yourself and others more compassionately. By living in the moment, a person can enjoy the basic experience of life, in a happier and richer way, by being more aware and responding to positive and negative events by being more adaptive to these experiences.

The BBC found that:

Past problems can be observed in new ways and with regular practice your power of Mindfulness will become stronger, which means the thinking, “chatter", and the feelings that go with that, will be reduced. In a recent study, by the BBC and the University of Liverpool in "Rumination: the danger of dwelling", they found that self-blame and rumination was one of the biggest causes of stress.

During the courses we will look at the
Health, Performance and Relationship Benefits of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness for Individuals


Mindfulness for Children