Course Breakdown SECTION 1-7

The course is divided into 7 Sections. Each section provides you with excellent TEFL/TESOL training to help you build knowledge and then put it into practice. Each section contains self–checking quizzes, activities and an end of unit assessment to promote deeper learning.

Online TEFL Course
Online TEFL Course
Online TEFL Course
Online TEFL Course
Online TEFL Course
Online TEFL Course

It’s a practical Online TEFL Course, which guides you step by step to become an excellent teacher. Let’s look at how this works:

Section 1: Teaching and Learning: The Principles

Section 1 starts by helping you understand the background and the motivations of your learners. We will also discuss the roles and responsibilities of a TEFL teacher and explain how to become an Excellent Teacher.

Understanding the cultural and economic background and the motivation of your learners will help you design excellent lessons, which take context into account. Context is vital for an accomplished lesson.

Section 2: Teaching Skills and Managing the Classroom

In Section 2, we will consider teaching skills and managing the classroom.

This is where the Online TEFL Course offers you something different. This section links to the 2 Free Mindfulness Course, which both teach you affective skills. These skills are excellent for improving focus, performance, learning more and promoting kindness.

We also explore other skills, which are excellent for managing your classroom effectively, such as how to use the latest technology in the classroom and positive language techniques.

Section 3: Language Basics

Section 3 explores Language Basics and considers all the grammar and the verb structures. This is a very useful part of the course. Don't worry: we don't want you to know every single grammar rule!

Section 2 will have introduced you to some fantastic technology, which will definitely take the pressure off.

Section 4: Planning

In Section 4, we focus on planning and its critical role in creating an excellent lesson. We show you everything you need to think about before you walk into a classroom.

We would like you to be well prepared because we know you'll have more fun and relax and, of course, you will create a better environment for learning. We'll give you the best methodologies to suit all types of learners with the Online TEFL Course.

Section 5: Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation Skills

In Section 5 we show you how to successfully teach speaking, listening, writing, reading, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

These areas all include activities to make them fun for your students.

Section 6: Assessing Students and Reflection

We finish the teaching sections of the course by looking at how to assess and introduce reflection into your lessons. Both areas are essential to help students learn more.

We will show you techniques, which will help you tackle marking assessments and save you time. We understand that testing and effective feedback is one of the most critical parts of EFL teaching. Everyone needs motivation and optimism.

Section 7 : Teaching English to Young Learners

Welcome to your Enjoy TEFL's introduction to Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) Course.

Based on our lengthy and successful experience in EYL teaching, we have designed this practical, high quality, short course for you. This may well be the start of your EYL journey - be assured that this will help you reach your destination.


The assessment for the Enjoy TEFL Advanced Online120-hour Online TEFL Course has 3 parts. The First part is the End of Course Quiz, which follows a similar format to the other quizzes throughout the course. The Second and third parts of the assessment are written assignments, which are submitted to your online tutor who determines your final grade.

Looking for a Job and Life Long Learning:

The final section of the course gives advice on looking for a job and where TEFL Teaching can lead to, as a career in Education, or using the skills you have learnt on a short-term placement, and applying them to another field. You can do both!

We finish the course by looking at the possible future developments for TEFL Teaching. This includes looking at Education in ASEAN Countries, who all need excellent teachers to train their young and dynamic workforce.

By the end of the course we want you to be an Excellent Teacher who can connect and understand your learners.

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