Key Benefits of Teaching English Online

Key Benefits of Teaching English Online

This is short extract from our NEW Accredited 40 Hour Teaching English Online Course. The 40 Hour course is worth taking because you can work while you are travelling or you can earn an extra income while you are teaching in school.

Here are the key benefits for YOU:

1. You can become a digital nomad

Make your dream of travelling into reality. Imagine teaching in Vietnam one month and then Thailand the month after, followed by Australia or South America! Our Teaching EFL Online course offers you flexibility – and a sustainable income whist you are travelling.

A digital nomad is a person who uses telecommunications technologies (e.g. Skype) to earn a living in any place and at any time. It provides convenience and flexibility. You don’t need an office or a boss (unless you choose to work for an online Provider) and you don’t need to confine yourself to your homeland but you can if you wish to.

You can travel to any place you wish, be it Abu Dhabi, Chiang Mai or Shanghai, and make your living there through using technology.

You can travel to Chiang Mai because you’ve always wanted to live there but you can still teach students in any part of the cyber world due to the technology now available.

All you need is a computer, a solid Internet connection and the drive to be competent in the role. How simple is that?

2. You can start your own teaching business

This is a valuable skill and benefit to future employers and it will always give you a way to supplement your income if you decide to travel and stop full-time work.

Once you start teaching online as a private tutor you might find other ways to use your platform and skills. It will allow you to become an independent teacher, which you will find very useful over the years to come. It will open your mind to how you can run your online business in other ways.

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