Online TEFL Courses and Adventure Travel

Online TEFL Courses and Adventure Travel go together. Once you get qualified with Enjoy TEFL you’ve got it for life. You will find that where ever in the world you decide to travel to there will be a demand for english teachers. You could work part-time in the evening or take a full time job and travel in the holidays. Or you could decide to work online and become a travel nomad. For the price of a Certificate you will suddenly find that your ability to travel and work anywhere in the world will begin. When I discovered the possibilities of doing this I felt great. I suddenly found myself teaching in Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Online TEFL Courses and Adventure Travel

Mark Tain said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness”

The Course from Enjoy TEFL is more than a TEFL Course because we offer you 2 Free Specialist Courses. The 30 Hour Teaching Mindfulness to Young Learners and Teenagers and the 60 Hour Mindfulness Skills for TEFL Teachers will help you and your students become more focused and learn more. We will also look at perspective taking, optimism and how to improve creativity. You will find the course fascinating and it will also give you a chance to create intrinsic motivation amongst your students and create the ethos of lifelong learning.

Online TEFL Courses and Adventure Travel go together because it will give you a sustainable and rewarding way to see the world. We promise that after 1 or 2 years of living in a different country you will be a different person, having experienced different people and different cultures. You will have a lot to share with your friends! Online TEFL Courses and Adventure travel creates innovation, inspiration and optimism.

Have a look a some of the 50 greatest travel quotes from Rough Guides. Enjoy TEFL and learn that online TEFL Courses and Adventure Travel go together.